Deserts Pinks and Blues

Color is a very important part of my art. It might be because growing up in Arizona can tend to be very colorless. Everything feels like it’s bleached by the sun and covered in a thin layer of dust. I feel like this is reflected in the people living here. The people are dusty and tired and colorless. Everyone seems to be collecting dust. The harsh sun makes it hard for me to make art, I feel drained of creativity and sweat simultaneously.

That’s not to say there’s no color at all. I’ve met colorful people and seen colorful places. I’ve seen people who seek out color when it was previously wiped away from them. I see the orange dreamsicle sunsets and Easter egg colored canyons and remember that color always comes through. I have color in my memories. The pictures I’ve taken have color but when I look around in the moment it’s hard to find any. This photo project was me actively trying to find color over the weekend. Specifically, the colors pink and blue because these are the colors that make me happiest. I went on with my normal routine but with this project constantly in mind, scouring the desert for pops of pink and blue, increasingly motivated to find more color in my life. I often resent Arizona for its dullness but If there’s one thing this place has done for me it’s caused me to appreciate the colors I have to work to find.


JAVAIS is a fine arts student whose goals are to have their art be in the MoMA and to be happy. Outside of art they love fashion, makeup, the beach and watching movies with friends. They also hope to watch the success of other girls and Non-binary people around them.