Youth is romanticized in movies and songs that portray us as free spirited. In reality, we are just trying to figure out our mental health while constantly being under the pressure of meeting deadlines and simultaneously maintaining a paycheck to survive in this 21st century economy. However, the only time I do feel this freedom is in daydreaming, whether it's daydreaming of my aspirations in life and the future or simply daydreaming of summertime during long winters. I have realized that my art is subconsciously based on this dreaminess when I had to list titles of some zines I made: Summer Daze, حلم اليقضة (the Daydream), Lucid Dreaming, Sweet Maghrib, etc. This detachment from reality is what inspires me throughout the day. Mundane activities like long commutes become the time I feel the most free. These photographs are taken on a day when the sky was finally blue and it felt like we had no care in the world. The romanticism is in the dreamy capturing of nonchalance and innocence, avoiding the realities of the world we live in. An escape, a constant state of dreaminess, this is what these photographs represent. 


Media: 35mm film

Models: Ann-Bernice and Joy

MANAR is an Arab girl residing in the west coast of Canada, which means she’s constantly craving middle eastern food. A political science student that enjoys photography, drawing, and sometimes writing. Aesthetically dreamy, yet socially resistant. She yearns for a simple life shared with loved ones and filled with plants, art, decolonization, and contentment.  Instagram