Dance and Beauty Rituals

As an older sister, I love the moments where I am able to observe the younger ones. This moment in particular was of them getting ready for their senior prom. Prom is often packaged as the “night of nights” for high schoolers and when I think back to my own, what I regret the most is not living in the moment. I’m not talking about the dance itself, but the moments leading up to it.

I had stressed myself out to such ridiculous levels that it’s what makes my own experience so embarrassing to look back on and probably why I immediately push my group photo out of sight every time it resurfaces.

I was rushed through my hair, makeup, and dressing. This made the time before the dance a total blur, which is part of why I really liked taking photos of my sister getting ready with company she enjoyed. She was able to take her time while laughing and having moments to breathe in between.

When you get ready for pretty much anything, whether it be a formal event or a night out with other girls, an entire atmosphere is created. Everything seems more intimate and low-pressure. You see each other before the makeup goes on and when it comes off. You swap stories, help each other with zippers, mix and match accessories, borrow this or that, compliment the hell out of each other, and take selfies. There’s nothing like it, and we should celebrate these little moments more.


LAUREN is a Samoan visual artist + writer with plans to go into filmmaking. In her spare time, she takes photographs and helps run Pasifika Film. Just your typical island gal who likes tending to her plants, the moon, romantic comedies, and listening to podcasts about the occult. She does not like pickles, driving, or waking up before 9am. Twitter // Instagram // Pasifika Film