Artist Introduction: MAZ

About MAZ: Ascending from Tender.Land and originally from Cleveland, Ohio comes the enchanting vocalist, dancer, and producer, M/\Z, commonly known in the universe as Tendertones. Her vocal musings, based at the outer limits of visceral soul and psychedelic textures, have catapulted her into a realm of vulnerability and mystique, resonating with a loyal following of fans and fellow tastemakers. After the success of several independent single releases, including a viral rendition of PartyNextDoor’s “Persian Rugs”, MAZ is preparing to release her first proper LP, Pale Moon, featuring producer Ethereal of Atlanta’s Awful Records.

First, what is Tender Land?

The world I’ve created for myself and anyone who is tired of this one. Hopefully an adult amusement park but, for now, a pretty sweet website.

Out of all the creative outlets that exist for us now, why did you choose music? When did you realize music was something you could do?

I can’t remember not doing music. I fell in love with it before I think I developed conscious memory. My dad was producing when I was born and I remember watching him sit at the keyboard all day and going to record stores with him as a child. I recorded my first song when I was 5 years old. I think he loved the idea that I wanted to make music, too, and always pushed me so it seemed like that was what I was meant to do. It’s not my only creative outlet, just my first love.

What’s an average day in your life like? Do you have a day job that you balance art with?

I have no concept of time/ schedules. Recently quit the job that was making me miserable and now I'm a photographer’s assistant. I play most days by ear but there's a lot of travelling and creative work going on. I drive myself crazy because I'm not used to getting paid for creative work. It almost feels too good to be true. I actually have time to focus on my music without the depression from a regular 9-5. Now I'm just trying to find the balance of spending as much time with my family as I can since I'm away so much.

What has been your favorite experience performing?

I performed in LA with a live band and saw my name on the marquee when I pulled up. Iw as the first time I was like “oh shit, I’m really doing this!” It was packed and pretty surreal coming all the way from Cleveland and getting that much love and having live instrumentation to back me up.

You definitely have a very unique look and vibe about you. Who do you most look up to, fashion and style wise?

Thank you! That’s probably because I don’t look up to anyone when it comes to fashion but I really just want Posh Spice problems. I want a closet full of little black designer dresses; that’ll be my uniform.


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