Snapshot Series: 3 Days in Florida

At the end of March, my parents asked me to go on a trip with them to Key West. It was colder than ever in Chicago and I was in desperate need of a vacation, so I agreed. I had never been on a trip with just my parents before, my older brother usually comes with us to round out the family, but that's not to say I haven't spent a lot of time alone with my parents. I decided to bring my family's old snapshot camera with me to play around with it and see if it still worked. Dated snapshot cameras can sometimes make imperfect pictures, but that's why I like using them. I love their flawed or blurred images because to me they capture the moment the way it was always meant to be, giving the photo a more surreal and personal effect, much like a memory.

I have always been very attracted to tropical plants and scenery, so Florida was a very cute place to explore. There's something more free and instinctual for me when taking pictures like this. I wanted to capture the trip in a natural way that reflected the kinds of things I personally observe and the mental images I like to make when exploring somewhere new. It was a very short trip, but for me, it was very special. I was ridden with anxiety for those short days but just having a break from everyday life was very much needed for my soul. There's something about being somewhere new with your parents that kind of makes you feel like a kid.


HANNAH is an Iowa-raised, Chicago-based photographer and designer. Lifelong glasses wearer and body glitter enthusiast, in her spare time can be found at the movies or in Claire’s at the mall. She loves Rihanna, flowers, shaped mirrors, milkshakes. Twitter // Instagram