Here’s the second installment in a series where a couple members of the team talk about things we love this week! 


  1. Atlanta-based singer/producer Abra just released her new song Crybaby last week to support her new EP coming next month. I instantly fell in love with Abra last year after hearing her BLQ velvet EP and debut album Rose. She creates really atmospheric rnb/pop jams and honestly has the voice of an angel. I got to see her in concert last summer and she was incredible and also super nice! Crybaby is in pure Abra form with a super upbeat, nostalgic vibe.
  2. Maren Karlson is a Berlin-based Artist/Illustrator who creates drawings and comics. She was at CAKE, the alternative comics expo in Chicago last weekend, which I usually go to every year but, unfortunately,  was unable to attend this time. Despite this, both of my friends who went purchased stuff from her booth.  When they were showing me what they got, her stuff really stood out to me because of her unique style and female-centric imagery. Upon looking at her website I also came across this interview where I learned more about her and her artwork.
  3. I’ve always been a little picky when it comes to jewelry. I go through a lot of phases, but I always appreciate simple pieces that can go with a lot of different looks. I love ABAjewels, a young black female-owned business based in Florida. She has so many different hand crafted styles with a very wide price range. I love how she incorporates crystals into her jewelry! My personal faves are the multi-gemstone drop choker and the delicate gold hand chain and adjustable ring.


  1. I’m one of those people that tend to find a TV series and binge watch it (unhealthily) until I finish it or I become so sick of the characters that it’s ruined forever. Growing up in Russia and being practically raised by my two grandmothers, we watched a lot of dubbed over telenovelas – specifically Brazilian ones – and although the names never stuck with me, the way they always fixated me did. So recently I’ve got totally and completely involved with the series Jane the Virgin, which, although not a traditional telenovela in its own right, is the next best thing. Though the plot line is overwhelmingly complex at times, and the characters can get overly tedious, the lighthearted and self-aware feel of the show is what keeps me hooked. Plus I am a sucker for romance and the love triangle between Jane, Michael and the (excessively) beautiful Rafael is a definite bonus!
  2. My skin has always been, point-blank, an absolute disaster as I grew up. My first encounter with spots and bumps and redness was when I was 9 and it’s been an unpredictable and untameable beast for the 10 years since then. Now that I’m finally reaching my 20’s (yikes!) it seems to be clearing up and my skincare’s down pat. My remaining problem is my pores and blackheads and I have been obsessed with the combination of Soap ‘n’ Glory’s The Fab Pore and Clean and Clear’s Blackhead Clearing 2-in-1 Wash and Mask to make me feel refreshed, my skin clean and my pores tight.
  3. As an English Literature Student you’d think I’d be up to my ears in books constantly, but I’ve really fallen out of love with reading this year. Or I had until I picked up Dostoyevsky’s The Idiot. I’m reading it in English because I’m lazy and it takes me that little bit less time than were I to read in the mother-tongue, but the language is nonetheless beautiful, the characters loveable and the plot unforgettable. A true work of beauty and not to mention a classic, if Crime and Punishment didn’t take your fancy give The Idiot a go and I promise it won’t disappoint.
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