Here’s the first installment in a series where a couple of members of the team talk about things we love this week! 


  1. Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of cumbia digital, a relatively new music style originating from South America that blends traditional music with electronic sounds, in the form of the Pangeatico EP by El Remolon. The songs on this EP are super cool, plus the ones with lyrics allow me to practice my Spanish so it’s a win-win! My favourite track on the EP is Basta Ya (Todos Somos Inmigrantes) featuring the Colombian Canadian musician Lido Pimienta, which you can listen to here. Other artists from the cumbia digital scene you should check out: Chancha Via Circuito & Animal Chuki.
  2. I recently read a paper by Jahlani Jamilah Smothers-Pugh entitled: African-American Vernacular English as a Valid Language Accepted By Society: Coz It Be Tight Yo. In it she talks about the history of AAVE and discusses it’s “influence on American society and culture, and why its use should be allowed, condoned, and accepted in classrooms and professional settings.” I found the paper to be super informative and I would highly recommend giving it a read, particularly if you are interested in topics related to African-American culture.
  3. A couple of days ago I started watching Wayward Pines which is a sci-fi series based on the Wayward Pines Trilogy by Blake Crouch. It’s like if Under the Dome had sex with The Walking Dead and had a kid, and Twin Peaks had sex with Firefly and had a kid; and then thirty years down the line, those kids grew up and had a kid named Wayward Pines. Some of the acting and plot devices are not great, but I mean, it’s a guilty pleasure so y’know. I will say though, if you’re someone who likes M. Night Shyamalan-esque things (if you know you know) I’d suggest giving this a try, he is one of the executive producers and from the first moment you watch it you can definitely tell.


  1. I’m not going to pretend like I’m a huge Glossier fan but the recent launch of flavored lip balms really excited me. I bought the set almost immediately and am so happy with the result. They’re perfect for my dry lips and the slight tint actually shows up on my dark skin, which is always appreciated. While a lot of their skin care and makeup products are tailored for people with pore-less, flawless skin, which is pretty alienating for me and a lot of other potential customers, the balms have never ceased to impress me.
  2. I’m pretty much obsessed with those time-lapse videos on YouTube of, like, fashion and makeup through the ages so when my friend Najma tweeted about a black hijabi version that she helped create, I was through the roof. I absolutely love this video and the representation of African and black American hijab styles it provides. It’s a beautiful tribute to black hijabis that deserves a lot more recognition.
  3. My last favorite this week has to be the YouTube channel DamonAndJo. It’s these two friends who give travel tips and share their adventures traveling around the world. The tips they give are super helpful and I’ve bookmarked a ton of their videos for future reference. Their language videos are especially my favorite and help me brush up on my French and introduce me to other languages I hope to speak. This video on how to sound cooler in French and this one on learning languages at home are my faves!
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