Late blooming

Everything is sticky in the summer. Everything clings onto something else, fabric on skin, thighs to leather car seats, something cold and icy dripping down you... Read More

How to survive a depressive episode

Recognize you’re spiraling When you notice the clouds clinging to the bottom of the plane, when your room is dirty dishes and piles of unwashed clothes, or w... Read More

The Politics of Skin Care

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I’d like to preface the post with a disclaimer: this is not a love story. Well, perhaps it is one of sorts, but certainly not in a conventional way. Leave your ... Read More

What does coming out look like?

It starts like this, you’re eleven and sitting on a swing set, reading a book you can’t remember the name of about knights or wizards or something. You’re new t... Read More

In defense of killing my violin

The first time I remember feeling something close to love was in the 6th grade. A Dutch boy who had only joined my orchestra program a year before proved to be ... Read More