Clementine Zine is an online magazine run by a group of diverse and like-minded women and femme people broadcasting our own perspectives. Connected through art / dedicated to liberation.

We are always looking for submissions to keep our magazine going and to increase the variety of content we have on the site!

The kind of things we like to publish:

Contemporary art spotlights (we are particularly interested in art from the African diaspora or really just any art that you wouldn’t usually see showcased in mainstream publications).
Poetry, photography, short stories.
Essays and analyses on topics related to pop culture and politics (this includes TV, film, music etc.)
Playlists (preferably via Soundcloud if possible although 8tracks playlists are fine).
Personal essays
Makeup tips/tutorials
Please be aware that although we really enjoy personal essays, it is probably the most common type of post our regular contributors wish to make. So if you would like to submit one please check to make sure it’s not too similar to something that has already been posted.

To pitch submissions email us at:

If you have any further questions in regard to pitches please feel free to email our editors.



We usually email back within a week but if we do not get back to you it is probably because of the number of submissions we get. if a long period of time passes without a response from us, your work is probably not what we’re looking to put on the site.

Please do not send us material that has already been published.




Rebecca is a biracial (White British & Cameroonian) girl currently languishing in the perpetual cold of N.W England. She is a history graduate who thoroughly enjoys 90’s American sitcoms, post-apocalyptic fiction, portrait photography and African contemporary art.




Arfie is a Somali girl journalism major currently going to college in Washington, DC. She’s really passionate about superheroes, cartoons, afro-futurism, and positivity. She’s also a writer but spends most of her time trying to curate safe spaces for creative black kids and watching too much TV.



Photo Editor

Hannah is an Iowa-raised, Chicago-based photographer and designer. Lifelong glasses wearer and body glitter enthusiast, in her spare time can be found at the movies or in Claire’s at the mall. She loves Rihanna, flowers, shaped mirrors, milkshakes.